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Using X-carve

If you want to use the mill, contact one of the people below. To use the mill alone, you must have used it two times under supervision without asking instrucitons or making any mistakes.

If you break or damage something, contact Antti Jaaniste immediately.

People who can use mill without supervision

Software setup

You have to ways to use X-carve. If you only want to encrave or cut out a outline, you can use Easel for that. If you want to cut something more difficult and the Easel do not have the required functionality, you will have to generate yout own g-code.

You must have both the material you want to cut and waste board at hand.


  • Go to Easel web page
  • Download driver
  • If you can connect to the mill, everything is working correctly

Generate g-code

You can use whichever software you want, that can generate compatible g-code, but we recommend to use Autodesk Fusion 360.

Mill computer

Mill computer has already all the neccessary software installed.

Model requirements and setup

Mill setup

  • Put the wasteboard and you material on the work surface
  • Fasten the material using clamps
  • Use as many clamps as necessary to firmly lock the material in place
  • Try to move the material to see, if it is fixed correctly
  • Find a vacuum cleaner and bring it to the mill
  • Choose a correct bit and attach it to the spindle
  • If the z-axis is too low, you can use Easel to move it, or you can move it by hand when the power is off (turn the stepper on top)

Prepare machine program


  • Easel guides
  • Export you drawing as svg and import it into Easel
  • From top right select yout material, bit size and material dimensions. Z must be accurate.
  • Select cut depth and type for each line.
  • Click simulate and check if everything looks correct
  • Click Carve and follow machine instrucitons
  • If at any point something seems off, turn off the machine immediately

Materials, bits and speeds

  • Feerdate 600
  • Plunge 100
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